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What are parental controls?

Q- What are parental controls?

Q- How to set parental controls on computer? Or

Q- How to set up parental controls?

A- The Internet can be a dangerous place for children, especially if children are not monitored closely by parents.Children can easily stumble across violent images, inappropriate websites and other types of content that you as a parent or guardian may not want them to see. There are so many wholly inappropriate web sites, which can pop up even if your child is not searching for them.

Even more dangerous, the Internet is full of predators who may try to lure your child through online chat sessions or instant messaging. To help keep your child safe, monitor their online activity.

If you want to safe your kids from online dangers then key loggers software (parental control software) provides solution for you. Keyloggers software allows you to view your children’s online activities whenever you are away from home.

Tracks your children’s computer activities records:

Keylogger software works as parental control program to record entire kid’s online activities records in stealth mode so that you can easily know what they are done on their computer system in your absence.

Parental monitoring software is useful program that helps to record:

  • Your kid’s computer browsing history
  • Websites that they accessed
  • Send /receive emails
  • Online searches (Google, MSN, Yahoo search)
  • Typed URL
  • Chat conversation details and other online activities.

Works in hidden mode:

Parental control software works in undetectable mode and does not appear in start menu, control panel, task manager, add/remove program and even in hidden installation path folders so that anyone can’t aware the presence of it.