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Advance Keylogger Software

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Category : Security Utility


Advanced keylogger software is specially designed to record each and every moment that carried out by unauthorized users on computer systems. Key logger program secretly records keystrokes like voice chat conversations, email documents, installed programs, visited web sites, typed URL and other key press activity records in stealth mode.


Password protected: Key loggers software is password protected to keep safe software setting from unauthorized or guest users.

Works in hidden mode: Keyloggers program works in undetectable mode and not appear in add/remove program, control panel, desktop and even hidden in installation path folder so that any one can’t detect it.

Software Features

Records entire keystrokes:

Keystroke recorder software records entire keyboard activity like visited websites, send/receive emails, typed URL, voice chat details and other key board activity records in real time.

Send log files through FTP settings:

Spy key logger provides option to send encrypted log files at specific email address through FTP setting.

Monitors all user accounts:

Keylogging software monitors multiple user accounts that logon on your computer system in your absence

Saves log files:

Computer keylogger software successfully saves all encrypted log files at specific location on your computer system which can be viewed latter whenever requires.

Automatic startup facility:

Key loggers program secretly records all keystrokes that performed by external users on your computer system as soon as Windows starts

Generates report of entire keystrokes:

Remote keylogger software generates report of all keyboard activity records in html or text file formats which can be view latter whenever requires.

Records all clipboard activity:

Password keylogger software records all clipboard activity to know what clipboard action (copy/paste) performed by external users on your computer device.

Captures screenshots at regular interval of time:

Keyloggers program captures Windows screen shots at periodic interval of time so that you can easily know what display on your computer system behind your back.